Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Taking the stand.

For our entire marriage, we've always had callings together. In Cedar, it was ward missionaries. In our Provo apartment, it was teaching gospel doctrine. In our current ward, it was gospel doctrine and then ward missionaries with Scott as the WML. We had it pretty sweet, and even though we were nearing our "year mark" at which they give you a new calling, I wasn't too worried. That just meant we'd go back to teaching GD. Right?

So a few weeks ago, the Bishop's secretary called and told us Bishop Gough and President Snow wanted to come by. Seeing as we were getting a new counselor in the Bishopric and a new RS president, we weren't really feeling all that chill when the two stopped by.

But we faked it, like good little kids. They didn't breathe one word about callings -- just chatted about the baby, our future plans, the house. You know. The Bishop had helped Scott on putting in a new sub-floor before we laid the linoleum in the kitchen, so they came and saw how the kitchen was coming along.

Well, that same day (before the Bishop arrived, actually) President Garner's secretary called and asked if we could meet with the Stake President before church on Sunday. Yes. Something was definitely afoot.

And, drumroll please, they put Scott in as the second counselor in the Bishopric. (Two weeks ago. Yes, I am already behind when it comes to this blogging thing.) He was sustained in Sacrament Meeting and immediately took the stand.

Looks like it's just me and you, Betsy. Seven minutes later, she was crying in my arms.

He came home the other day and mentioned that Bishopric meeting was probably going to be changed to Sundays at 6 a.m. Six a.m! Looks like no late-night dates on Saturday. And if she cries on a Saturday night, I'm back on duty. This leaves Friday night as my only reprieve. Thank heavens she (usually) sleeps (moderately) well. But I am so happy to support him in his service.

Since we were both released, it means we're released and I'm up for a new calling. I keep reminding Scott I don't want to be in primary. Since there's all of 2 or 3 kids in it, I think I'm safe. (Don't get me wrong. I love kids. But it's so hard to get to know people when you're in a student ward with such a high turnover. You just have to be in RS to get to know everyone.)


Ashley said...

Well, and it's so draining to teach during the week and be expected to teach kids on Sunday too. Both wards we were in I was immediately called. I feel that's why it took me over a year to get to know anyone in this last ward. It's hard!
Don't worry, I'm really coming to playgroup. . .we missed you last week. I can't imagine how hard it would be to leave your little one. I'm so grateful I was able just to not teach that whole year since he came at the beginning of the school year!

Bethany said...

When I was primary president I would always get complaints (mostly from the priesthood) when new people got put into primary. At least in student wards you're supposed to go to RS and Priesthood twice a month. That's better than in family wards where your sucked in and stuck.
I hope that you get a good calling that you are really happy in.

Annie and Berkeley said...

Congrats to Scott!! It doesn't suprise me much. He will do a great job.

Blair said...

I offer my condole... uh, congratulations! When I was called, Kate wasn't surprised at all. Apparently she suspected it when we met with the Bishop for tithing settlement. Of course, I was totally clueless. Makes me think that maybe Kate was the better choice for the calling--she was smart enough to see it coming. :)

I am so glad I didn't have 6am meetings. Why are they doing that? Are we switching to a crappy church time soon?

I'm sorry that you will be alone during sacrament meeting--that was seriously the worst part of the calling. We're certainly not an adequate substitute, but we would love to sit with you.