Monday, March 30, 2009


Lest you think everything is cute chatter and adoreable walking around here, I thought I'd let you in on the mayhem that also rules our home.

Scott went to Zacatecas, Mexico for a week to optimize their roads with a BYU group. Betsy was more clingy than usual with him gone, and would flip out while I tried to shower. Eventually, I started bringing in all sorts of toys and non-toys that I thought would entertain her.

This worked for about seven minutes. Then she'd pry open the shower curtain. After I put a kabosh on that by standing on said shower curtain, she eventually found something else to entertain her. Victory! I shaved my leg, literally bathing in my success.

I could her her dropping things, a common Betsy pastime, and even took the time to put conditioner in my hair. But when I turned around to wash out the conditioner, I realized my utter defeat: she'd been quietly dropping in legos, cups, Q-tips, lotions, washcloths, and my pajams in the tub.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

She talks! She walks! It's like she's a toddler!

How does the time get away so fast? My little girl's hair lies down. On its own. Without the gallons of hairspray. Little light-socket Betsy is gone... I can't say I'm devestated -- it always drove me crazy -- but Scott sure misses her crazy hair. Check out the picture. It kind-of makes you want to pet her and tell her "good animal."

Betsy has been talking up a storm since just before her birthday. She says "chees" when she does her sign for cheerios, which is pretty dang cute. She says "baby"/"bebe" whenever we see a picture of a baby. She'll even point when you ask where the baby is, or give the baby kisses. I babysat Maland a few weeks ago, and all that girl wanted to do was kiss the life out of the poor boy! Oh, "bebe, bebe, bebe..." it went on and on. She knows "ba" for ball, and will even retrieve balls from her bedroom on command. With coaxing. She's just barely started with "no" in the past couple days. Luckily, Betsy is still easily distracted so when she says no, I just get her a different toy/move her to a different spot. So far, it works. But it's definitely taught me to watch what words are coming out of my mouth. A little distressing to think it's made the list of her very first words. (We also get "ma, ma" for more. I'm not so thrilled by that one.)

She says "hey,"and "daddy," but I have to say, we definitely hear more about babies and cheerios. Betsy still struggles to sign water, so she's given us her own version of a sign for water. It's exactly like the sign for eat, except she puts one finger in her mouth to help her make the "waah" sound. So we hear "wa, wa, wa, wa." I guess it's a compromise.

She's also been walking for a while. Not perfectly, and not everywhere, but eight or ten steps easily and daily since shortly after her birthday.

Well, that's enough Betsy news for one day. Oh. The scouting picture has nothing -- nothing -- to do with Betsy. Or anything else recent, for that matter. But it makes me smile. Nothing like seeing your spouse looking like he's 15.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Lucky Day

So, in the evenings, when I should be busy with productivity, sometimes I enter blog giveaways. Eventually I'd have to win. Right? I mean, I taught ratios, I know all about them. At least enough to pass fifth grade. And even though the stuff I did know wasn't particularly encouraging, I kept entering.

Pretty much the whole world has my e-mail address now. Thank heaven for spam filters.

Wanna know what I won? A free photo shoot from these amazing gals. In fact, the link takes you to their movie so you can see all the thrills of the name drawing. You can even do the drumroll noise right along with the movie.

I'm planning to wait until things are just a bit greener outside, but I really can't wait to be the model for a change.