Saturday, January 31, 2009

For the Daddy-O

So, my dad wanted me to upload some wedding photos for my grandma -- they're getting and filling a digital picture frame for her birthday -- and this was totally the easiest way to get it done.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Betsy Boo's latest antics

While our girl still isn't walking -- thankfully -- she is all over the house. Crawling is still a wonderful pastime, but it's mainly used to get to some place where she can stand up and cruise around.

She loves all sorts of foods again -- well, any kind of adult food. We had a stint where only cheerios would do. Her personality and growth is really showing through -- not only does she want whatever we have, but she isn't half so interested in that "baby" food that comes in a jar. She can 100% tell the difference, and she has chosen adult food, thank you very much. Recent favorites include blueberries, blackberries, and cherries, all of which were on sale at Sunflower market.

She's started leaning in (open-mouthed) when she sees you giving a kiss. Well, that or entirely turning her head away.

She signs more! Well, she signs the word more, but she signs more words, too. Like food. And milk. She often responds appropriately to questions, which is so weird it almost blows my mind. When she starts sqwaking, I'll say, "Betsy! What do you need?" Then she signs more. (And I feel dumb.) This morning she was signing more and I said, "What do you want more of?" and she signed food. My child is from the twilight zone.

No sign of new teeth yet, just the same two she's had since thanksgiving-ish time. I think the first one came in at eight months -- wow, it felt like it took forever! Now she's no longer our toothless wonder... and I'm still grieiving it. (She has teeth! More proof she's outgrowing nursing. It's tragic. I love to nurse.)

Lastly, she sleeps in her own crib all night long. Without waking up. While I've loved the cuddliness of just me & Scott again, sometimes when I've finished nursing her at 7:00 (bedtime) or just before naps, I hold her in my arms and just wish I could cozy up next to her and snuggle for a few hours.

Oh! And here's some random pictures:

We took Betsy with us to go pick raspberries right around Halloween this year. It was bitter cold, but she was much less whiny than her her mother. Imagine that. They were almost painfully delicious, and I think it was Scott's first time ever going to a U-Pick farm! Good times.

Scott insisted on putting Betsy in a huge pumpkin and taking an obscene number of photographs. He'd gotten the idea back in August and hadn't been very patient in waiting for pumpkin season to start. She liked it at first...

...Then, not so much.

My cousin, Chelsea, had me take some pictures of her and her son, Logan. I snapped this one of Betsy when we went out the day before to test lighting at a few locations.

Another test shot

Her hot dad, who makes one heck of a photo assist!

When we went up for Olivia's blessing, she rode a carosel. Too much fun!

Betsy at Thanksgiving with cousins Mazie and Anna. They loved watching her evening bath! Kimmie announced over Thanksgiving that Mazie will have a new sibling this summer. We're sure excited for them!

Scott in our kitchen with about 2/3 of the Christmas decorations out. My favorite new thing this year was the Christmas bedding we'd bought on super-amazing clearance last year. It rocked my socks. Something about having a pretty bed is just so comforting. You can see it just to the left of Scott's head.

Betsy loved the Christmas tree. We cleverly placed only two ornaments at baby-level, both of which she thoroughly tugged at. The tree would dance and sway dangerously (I thought) but Scott assured me it would never topple. He was right.

Well, she's getting antsy and I'm sure this is too long of a post already. Guess I'd better skedaddle.