Sunday, May 11, 2008

pomp & circumstance

Kids grow up so fast these days.

Seeing Scott graduate was quite the cause for celebration. Another cause for celebration is the fact that I think this is the first post-pregnancy photo in which I am finally accepting of how I look. I'm not DONE losing weight, but at least in this photo most of my chin fat is gone.

Of course you're thinking to yourself, "I knew that Mary Elizabeth was a cute girl, but wow, she makes an adorable graduate." And you're right. Getting her all ready for the big day was no small feat. (Although, for the record, hers still are.) I didn't think any quandary truly existed that Google could not cure. Well, it appears infant/baby/child graduation/commencement cap and gowns/graduation clothes is it. After searching every combination of the above, I ended up asking Kinzie to create a pattern. And, I have to say, I stand in awe.

Scott's parents came down for the graduation, of course. My picture of them at the ceremony kind-of bites, but I wanted to include one of them from this special trip, so here goes. It's SOOC and the white balance is totally, totally off. I was experimenting with my WB settings and definitely learned a thing or two about what not to do.

Any questions about who is the center of the (Provo) Shea world?

So, now my sweetheart is working for Dr. Guthrie and starting on his master's thesis in the evenings and playing Mr. Mom during the day. And if I know Scott and his little girl, there's plenty of "play" to it.


Ryan and Chelsea said...

I absolutely LOVE the pics in her cute graduation outfit! It was great to see all of your family last week supporting yall on the special occasion. And thanks for the suggestion on places to go! Do you know when the Shakespear festival is? It sounds like a ton of fun!

Annie and Berkeley said...

Congrats to Scott! Whahoo!! You look great by the way! You are a post-pregancy hottie!!

Mommy Kinz said...

she looks absolutely adorable in that gown! I'm so glad it worked out and I'm more glad that you guys enjoyed graduation and having your family in town! What a sweet and loving family!

Jeff & Michelle said...

I have to say I love the baby in a graduation gown thing! That's so cute!

Nicole said...

I don't think I've ever seen anything cuter than Betsy in a cap and gown!!! Where did you get that!? And those toes sticking out!!! Too Cute! Congrats's unfortunate your darling little girl stole the stage! :)