Monday, October 1, 2012

This is me, Owning it.

I have never had writer's block (I use that term quite loosely, obviously, not being any sort of writer) like I did on this entry.  But I was determined to write it.  And I'm a better person for it.  At first, I had all these qualifiers on every one of these, like, "if everything is going well," or "if you don't look too close," but I decided to get rid of them.  Yeah, I'm not perfect.  But I have strengths, and this is me.  Owning it.

Breakfast.  My kids' breakfast is always healthy.  It's usually some pastured, organic eggs, but lately the girls 
have been obsessed with homemade french toast.  (Me too.)  We put raw honey on top, and I'm telling you, my mornings have been ten times better for them.

Betsy is a reader.  I've used a great book, so my investment in teaching her was seriously less than fifteen dollars.  We're on about lesson 75, and she can read things like Little Bear on an instructional level.  It's probably one of the things that I've felt the most successful about lately.  I've thought about taking on a preschool student here or there to tutor, but that's kind-of lame since I use such a lay-parent-friendly approach.

I'm not afraid to read children's books with voices.

I can make a mean tincture.

I know how to read a BBT chart better than anybody I know.

Sometimes I take cute pictures.  And my LR edits aren't too shabby.

I've sewn a few quilts.

I can listen to you, and you will feel heard.

I feel too much empathy for people I don't even know and usually end up somehow finding every sad blog in the world and sobbing about one night every month.

I have awesome taste in music.

That was hard.  But I know what qualities I hope my girls will have as they grow into beautiful adults, and I've been thinking lately about how often that person is different than who I am.  So this was good for me.

Anybody else think they can do it?


Amanda said...

I love this. It takes a lot to own your good.

I do voices, too. (My 3 yr. old right now is into "Mouse Tales." We read one story per nap time daily.) I also take on other people's energy WAY too easily--but usually only the negative/stressful. I've found an essential oil that really helps me with that issue.

In all honesty, I think your girls are lucky. I've thought that for a very long time...really since before they came and you were longing for them. You may disagree with this, but it seems like you're finding ways to take "that girl" (from a recent post) and infuse her into your mothering. If your girls follow in your faithful footsteps, they will definitely be in a good place.

Kimmel Tippets said...

It may have been hard, but they're all true. There's so much Mickelle Awesomeness to Love. :-) I'll have to think about doing my own.

P.S.- I loved Amanda's comment to you, particularly the last paragraph. So true.