Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Every Nativity Needs an Elephant.

Betsy's preschool put on the original Christmas story, modified slightly to accomodate a more modest cast size of four. Then the angel's relunctance won out, leaving us with only three. All the same, it was super; is there anything like watching your children play make-believe?

Joseph entered first. That cutie in the background was our shy little angel who
took the day off. I think even watching the performance may have been traumatic for her.

Mary followed, and dropped the Babe in his little manger. Betsy peeked her head out, leading with the classic "Hi, Momma!" line all shepherds used in salutations. In a daring move, she chose to break with tradition, carrying an elephant instead of the tired, cliche sheep.

Mary watches over baby Jesus. I may or may not tear
up every time I see this picture.

Understandably, she seemed a bit apprehensive about admitting a
certain shepherd with an elephant in tow.

Betsy loses some patience waiting for the recitation of the story to
wrap up. Or me taking pictures, who call really tell?

Joseph, looking deep in character but actually waiting
for his mother to finish taking pictures.

After my eccentric little shepherd needed some costume
adjustments, Mary insisted on the same.

About ten seconds after this picture was taken, the elephant and our Lord and Savior bunked together. As near as we can tell, Jesus was happy to share. Check out Joseph's smile, too.

Merry Christmas from our cuties to yours!

(the other cutie)


The Nat Nat said...


Grawrock88 said...

This is the cutest thing ever! I didn't even know Betsy was in Preschool... I guess moving out of the Country gets you out of the loop. =) I'm happy to see she's doing so well and I love the pictures. Miss you!!

Kimmel Tippets said...

That is just too cute! I love that Betsy had an elephant instead of a sheep, and I'm sure even as a baby Jesus would have shared his manger with another animal. :-)