Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not Quite the Trip I Had in Mind...

A couple of months ago, Scott told me I needed to get the girls out of his hair so he could tackle remodeling the bathroom.

Ahem. Finishing the remodeling that started a year ago. Possibly two. With things like this, it's best for the marriage if I don't really keep track. (For the record, he is even more kind. He never keeps track of how much laundry or cleaning he does. That's how I know I married up.)

So, I pack up the girls and our clothes and a bunch of car snacks and prepare to go see Memaw and Poppa. It's only a 1o or 12 hour drive. And I so have never done anything remotely like this. But whatev.

Just before leaving, Scott asks me to drive him to his work truck, which was parked in Springville. So he hops in the car too, and I figure we'll just say our goodbyes in a couple of miles when I drop him off.

And that's when the coolest thing ever happened. A surprise vacation. That sweet man got a week off work, had made crazy intense arrangements, extra packing, purchased necessary foodstuffs (Larabar, how I love thee) and managed to have absolutely everyone in on the secret. And we were heading down together. To go to Disneyland. Well, and other places. But what else matters? Disneyland is everything.

P.S. Surprise vacations rock.

Waiting for a show at Sea World. Which was totally created by tired parents who just wanted to sit down for 30 minutes and recover.

When we went last February, we found this awesome Indiana Jones hat and decided to pimp it out with ears. I'm crazy about it. So is he. (Scott. Indiana Jones is busy.)

Check out that castle!

Waiting for Small World

All decked out for Halloween!

The girls' hats are simple and matching. No frills. I think it's actually their vintage style circa maybe 1960s? I love seeing them!

Holding his girls. Or at least the little ones.

I think we all know how cute this is.

Betsy feeding the goat.

Avie shows warranted caution about the sheep.


Carina said...

So amazing! What an awesome hubby you have, and what a fun trip! I'm glad you had such a great time. Disneyland with kids is so tiring, but so wonderful, too.

Wendy said...

Way to go, Scott! And, as always, such a beautiful family. I'm glad you had a great trip!

Kimmel Tippets said...

Hehe...I may not have been in on the preparations but I knew about the surprise trip! I'm SO glad it was such a fun time for you guys!

These pictures are amazing, I love every single one of them! We miss and love you guys!

Amanda said...

Love. On so many levels. So glad you had a fantastic time!

Jill Skouson said...

How fun! I love your photographs and your writing. You might not post often, but this was worth the wait :)

Lisa said...

How fun! And what darling pictures!!! What a fun surprise!