Monday, December 7, 2009

The Lazy Man's Missionary Work

I never served a mission. However, Scott and I have been ward missionaries/WMLs in two wards for what comes out to be one-third of our marriage. Throughout that time, I've come to believe most heartily in the power of quietly speaking truth. After all, the truth doesn't need to be shouted. It has its own power, and shouting doesn't really add to it.

So I really loved the article in the Ensign a couple months back about sharing your testimony on-line, particularly through blogs. I'm not always as good at that as I'd like to be, but I know I am regularly uplifted by so many of you, and do strive to do the same for others along the way. When I came across these tags, I thought of many bloggers who demonstrate these missionary strengths so well, and thought you should know about them. You can find them here, and I think it's a subtle but great way to bear testimony. I added a few to my own blog (see: right) to showcase a couple. I will be narrowing it down to one, but wanted to give you an idea of their offerings.


Grace said...

i love your post. i need to share with you that a family was baptized into our Ward this summer and do you know how they learned about the Gospel? From Facebook. It's amazing how blogs, facebooks, emails and other means can help share the Gospel :)

Neil and Courtney Anne said...

Great idea, Mickelle! I need to do the same, especially during the Christmas season. Good luck!

Svedi Pie said...

There is a time a place for everything. From and RM's perspective (and you can take that for what's it's worth - which sometimes is not much). I really see the benefit of all styles of missionary word. For FT missionaries they are suppose to be aggressive, immersed in the work, they live, think, breath missionary work. For members missionary work is more subtle, it's uplifting others, it's doing good, it's leaving people with a positive feeling, it's spreading love and hope. I think this is a great idea :)

Carina said...

I love the idea. I think I will follow suit. You're right, the truth has its own power and will pierce those who are searching for it and lead them to the fold. What a great reminder.