Friday, June 12, 2009

These, Whom I Miss

Who? Whom? Why did I always miss out on the really good English teachers?

When you live across the street from both the police and fire stations, sirens are an everyday part of life. From time to time, Liz, Jenny, Erin, Annie, or myself would usually ask one another if we'd been woken up on this day or that by the sirens. A conversation would then ensure about joining the real world, where the police station is "down town" and you live on a nice, quiet residential street. One, preferably, without a four-lane road out front.

Thing is: they've all gone. Joined that legendary real world, more or less. And the uncensored truth is, it kinda bites being the one left behind. I am thrilled for the experiences each are having -- but I won't be sad when it's my turn.

I will get a turn, right? Okay. I was just checking.


Liz and Grant said...

you will totally get a turn! And not to sound ungrateful, but it is pretty boring over here. Enjoy knowing your way around for the next 6mths-year, because it's a bit un-nerving to realize that you don't even know how to get to the grocery store, and you don't know anyone to call and ask. Each season of life has it's blessings and it's trials, you just have to figure out how to work with both. Miss you guys, give Betsy some loves from us!

Amanda said...

You will get your turn! And, then you'll miss the past. There are such great things about each different phase we get to experience. Blessings of a suburban life include quieter streets, but at least where we live, we don't know our neighbors at all.

BTW--on the who/m conundrum...I was always told that "whom" coincides with "him" and "who" coincides with "he." If you flip the sentence around to a simple structure, what would you substitute for who or whom? In your title, "These, whom I miss," you would flip it around to "I miss him." Since "him" is used, "whom" is the correct word choice. If it was "Who misses me?" you would flip it to "He misses me," so who is correct in that case. (Does that make any sense at all? It's so hard to explain through my fingers on a Saturday morning...)

Laura said...

Even though we left the ward into the real ward, Matt and I still miss everyone. It is still hard to be the one left though. But, your time will come too.