Saturday, February 14, 2009

A perfect planning

Mickelle and I have an awesome tradition, given to us from the Muldowneys. Every year it becomes a big guessing game as to what you are going to do for an anniversary or for Valentine's day. Instead of having two people try to plan "surprises" or special things, we trade off. Last year I was responsible for our 5th anniversary, this year I have Velentine's day. Having this arrangement, one person at least has a little bit of relaxing not having to think about it and it turns into a dating experience again. Remember those days when the guy would call, ask the girl out, plan the entire thing, and all she had to do was figure out what to wear (which sometimes was an impossible task in and of itself). Now, we continue that fun and I do my best to plan a day.

Anyway, last year as I was planning our FIVE year anniversary I remembered Mickelle talking about a restaurant that her Dad had taken her to but they did not actually eat there. (Mickelle's note: They have 2 acres of beautiful grounds. So we checked out their park. Pretty cool.) I thought it strange they did not eat at a restaurant, isn't that what you do at restaurants? I checked out the pricing and I realize why now. The restaurant is La Caille, in Sandy, Utah. The average plate costs $40, with specialty items being much more. In fact I would like to draw your attention to the "L'Hombard" in the screen shot below. It is described as a "Twelve ounce tail broiled with Clarified butter and herbed olive oil." The cost..."financing available." Needless to say we did NOT go to La Caille for our anniversary but I did manage to get us to the Melting Pot.
Some day...when we're making money to burn, we may burn some on a L'Hombard or two.


Michele Sekaquaptewa said...

I'm sure I'll be hearing about the great things you came up with for Valentine's Day from the Stellanator real soon. Love you three! Kisses to Betsy, from me, please!

Annie and Berkeley said...

Scott-Just be glad you did not go to La Caille. I do not want to spread smudge about the place online, so just ask me the next time you see about my inside info on La Caille. Definitely the Melting Pot was a better choice.