Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reflections on Christ

This is beautiful! How have I not heard of it before?


George and Jill said...

I love this! I've seen it before but it was awhile ago. Thanks for putting it on your blog so I could be reminded today.
Aren't the pictures gorgeous? I especially love the baptism ones.

Laura said...

That was Gorgeous! I love that song. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! So I realized that I never replied to you on facebook before I deactivated my account. I'm sorry! I think it would be great if you could take our pics. Actually we are looking for some engagement pics :) (nothing official yet, so we may wait until then - sometime after I meet his family in Feb). It would be so wonderful if you could take them :)Also, this video is great - another thing I meant to tell you, but I've been a slacker :)