Friday, November 21, 2008

Jill's tag

Seven Random Memories:

1. The $5 dates with Scott: Every Tuesday, Movies 8 went to $.50 each, and Doc's pizza buffet was 2 for $4. We saw more crummy movies and enjoyed every second of it. He held my hand so tight the whole movie, I was afraid my whole arm would turn purple. Whenever we could, we'd convince the Weeds to come with us.

2. Right after I finished my last day of teaching, Scott and I headed up to Midway for a four-day trip. Vacationing with a baby is different, but we sure loved it! Betsy was born on a Friday, and Scott was back at school and work by Monday. So we'd never had any time to take in the whole "family" thing. (Then, once school was out for him, he watched Betsy while I went back to school full time.) But there, in Midway, the pace of life was slow. What a fantastic way to finally spend days upon days together, uninterrupted, as our little family! And with me as a stay-at-home mom -- for good.

3. In our newlywed days, Scott worked full-time at Jones Paint & Glass in Cedar while I went to school. Five o'clock always seemed an eternity away -- and I would wait, oh so anxiously, for him to get home. That newlywed apartment may have been tiny, but it suited us so well. Once we were together, we played dorky games on our computer (boggle, Life, etc.), edited home movies, and played ping-pong at the Institute building. And I never, ever won.

4. I was up visiting Scott's family while he was working. It was just the beginning of summer, and one night I happened to check the mcbreo website. Lo and behold, a home was for sale on the Teacher Next Door program -- right in Provo! Right where I'd landed a job! I called Scott immediately, and he and the Weeds went to visit the house together and give me the full report. I think a part of me knew we'd land that house. But it was only about 10%, and the other 90% didn't want to be disappointed.

5. I remember Josh and Lolly's little apartment in Provo. Oh, the hours we spent hanging out with those two! The hours of discussion, the delicious food, the way they welcomed me into the world of Shea-dom! I especially remembered how pretense-free I always felt things were in their little house, how easy and accepting they were. (And still are!)

6. I remember the hours I spent with Tera, reading and talking, back in the days of single-Cedar. The times we did Tae-Bo in Kevin's living room, the way we lived off of frozen fries and chicken tenders, and the way she made faces and we talked in monster voices. I especially miss the faces she made whenever we talked about somebody she didn't like. Ha! So fun!

7. I remember the day Scott and Adam tore down two exterior walls of the house so they could re-build them. There's nothing like standing inside your house but having the odd feeling that it's now more of a fort than a house. And, oh, the trips to IKEA to plan our new kitchen together! I thought we'd NEVER see it finished. And how many wives can say they were practically locked in the bedroom for large portions of their last month of pregnancy -- because the oven was stuck in the hallway until the linoleum was laid? Or say that their husband left her alone at the hospital (after Betsy was born) so he could go put the kitchen together so she didn't have a nervous breakdown? (Thanks to Sarah and Adam for helping him out!)

Seven Random Facts:

1. Scott did virtually all the laundry for the first five years of our marriage. I guess I have the next five.

2. Scott is the king of surprises. I think his largest, to date, was probably either the wedding ring or the wonderful five-year anniversary get-away.

3. I have started cooking. Me, the pretzel queen. I cook.

Three thousand christmas lights really doesn't go that far when you want to go for Temple Square-esque intensity. But that's all we have, at least for now.

5. There are only two Diverging Diamond Interchanges in the world. They're both located in France. But Utah is planning on building two more! (Hey, you said random. This is the kind of random you get with a gal who's married to a transportation engineer!)

6. I never could have gone off of sugar without Missy Muldowney. I guess I pretty much (literally) owe her my firstborn child. Luckily, she didn't collect.

7. Having a front porch swing and a piano in the living room are probably the top two things to make me feel like I'm really living in my own space.

Seven Random Things to Look Forward to in the Next Seven Years:

1. Adding more kids to the family!
2. Scott's graduation with his Masters degree
3. Betsy saying Momma and Daddy on purpose. And knowing what they mean.
4. Being out of debt, except the house
5. Choosing a job! (He's already had a few offers. Civil engineers are in decent demand.)
6. Betsy in kindergarten! (I guess I should look forward to that. I will when the time has come. But right now, that's a downright depressing thought. Where will my little girl have gone?)
7. Hopefully owning a few new lenses and maybe even a new body like this one.

BONUS: Running my first 5k


George and Jill said...

Wow you respond to being tagged fast! I enjoyed reading it and feel like I got to know you a little better :)

Liz and Grant said...

3,000 Christmas lights! That cracks me up :), Grant and I decided to be festive our first year in Utah and bought some lights at the dollar store. We quickly learned there was a reason that they were at the dollar store, they only have plugs on one end of the 4ft strand. I can't wait to see your mini-temple-square!

Josh Weed said...

Oh man... Doc's pizza buffet and movies. Many a fun evening was spent talking, laughing, drinking rootbeer and waiting for the chicken alfredo pizza, or whatever one we had a hankering for any particular night. I feel very nostalgic thinking about those days. It's amazing how time passes in such weird lurches. Here we are... five years or so later, yet it feels in some ways like no time has passed at all. And it was always a blast to have you and Scott hang with us in that cramped little apt. Good, good memories!

Chelsea said...

I love it! Thanks for the little glimpse into your life!