Monday, September 1, 2008

The First Ten Reasons

By way of late anniversary celebration, I wanted to tell you a few things about Scotty that make me swoon.

  • Scott is a man that takes care of his wife. Whenever I ask, and often times even when I don’t, he just save the day by whisking my precious (but noisy) daughter away for an afternoon walk. Or evening walk. Or midnight walk.He writes Marcus a letter every single week. It’s always positive, it’s always encouraging, and it’s always 2-6 pages long.
  • He has unabashed favoritism towards his child.Nobody’s eyes quite match his shade of bright blue.
  • He took delight in Betsy as an infant. Many men prefer older babies and toddlers. I think Scott would understand why, but he was just as enamored with her then as he is now.
  • I have a new kitchen. I have new cupboards. I have windows and linoleum and a sink and carpet and paint. It’s wonderful. And it was all installed by WonderHusband.
  • He encourages my hobbies. He loves to see me stretch myself in any way I choose. I don’t think I could pick a hobby that he wouldn't start purchasing accessories for. (It’s so wonderful to not have to beg for a nice camera, but to have him insist on it. That’s love.)
  • He can clean a kitchen (or any other room) at three times the speed of Mickelle.
  • He wants to live someplace rural. And never have cable TV. And have a big collection of old movies. Who would I find to fit me better?
  • When he comes home, even after a long day of work, he’s wanting to lighten my load. Wow.

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Michele Sekaquaptewa said...

Scotty is pretty much amazing. What more can I say?